Kansas City! Welcome to the inaugural

KC Black Restaurant Week!


We are excited about introducing the history of our community through the chefs, food and restaurants that have made us the talk of the world! From BBQ (who does it the best!) to soul food and the finest in mobile cuisine, KC Black Restaurant Week is the quintessential Juneteenth celebration as it showcases heritage through the ultimate “entrée”; FOOD!


If you wish to participate, please see choose a sponsorship or sign up your restaurant, food truck or catering business!


Kansas City Black Restaurant Week is dedicated to increasing the participation of ethnic, cultural/heritage based businesses and organizations within the overall tourism market, support efforts to address food deserts and health concerns in Black and ethnic communities, provide an economic development strategy for neighborhoods and small businesses, health and wellness for youth, produce marketing campaigns, create and maintain an international visitors centers in the historic Black districts of Kansas City


“Statistical reports show that minority tourists spend approximately $600 billion annually on heritage travel. Destinations and suppliers that reach out to this niche group will benefit and have a hand in helping stimulate the economy…” Travel Professionals of Color-2009 report.





KC Black Restaurant Week

September 2 - 8, 2019



We are currently sending “Ghost Foodies” out to the different black owned eateries to fill us in on customer service, pricing, atmosphere, etc. This is actually happening now, and has been happening for the past few weeks at some spots. Since we won’t acknowledge who they are, make sure that your staff knows that your place of business is being reviewed prior to, and during KC Black Restaurant Week!

Kansas City Black Restaurant Week is a chance for Black-Owned Restaurants to offer dining deals to bring in new customers and raise awareness.

You will be expected to complete an application online. In this application, you will be asked to provide the full name of your business, address, hours of operation, all social media information (if applicable), etc. This is NOT a “credit review”; but we want to make sure that we have the FULL and proper listing of information for those who will patronize your businesses during the Restaurant Week. The registration fee for the week will be included in the introductory email.


YOU will be solely responsible for whatever discount you would like to provide, on whatever menu items/drinks/desserts that you have. This also includes breakfast/lunch/dinner specials.


We are also asking that you promote Kansas City Black Restaurant Week via your social media sites. Our social media info is listed below.


We are most CERTAINLY encouraging people to write reviews of your businesses. We want you to gain new customers and retain your current ones; so we will be encouraging any and all patrons to your establishments to write Yelp and other reviews of your business. Reviews will also be seen on our social media pages! So Snap, Tweet, Facebook and more!


We will provide you with promo materials indicating that you are a participating restaurant, and we would like for this to be displayed somewhere in your establishment! We will also provide you with additional promo items, as well as Kansas City Black Restaurant Week info cards!


We will let you know of our plans to host a Kansas City Black Restaurant Week Wrap Up Event to share your experiences of the week, network with other business owners who were involved, and to be recognized for your participation!


FoodTasktics™ Opportunities!


Do you love Food? Are you passionate about helping your local community? Do you have a strong desire to help stimulate growth in Black Owned Businesses? We are inviting you to join our cause and become a part of FoodTasktics™ Teams.


Kansas City Black Restaurant Week is committed to spreading awareness and supporting the Black Culinary Industry in as many ways as possible. With the support of the community, we have been able to generate growth in the local economy, and increase the patronage of Black owned restaurants, and assist local area non-profit organizations. Sign up today!


FoodTasktics™ Ambassador Teams


Culinary Crew


Responsible for building and sustaining business relationships with the culinary community. Work as a key contact between Restaurants, Caterers, Executive Chefs, Food Trucks. Stay up to date of any new restaurants and culinary stars on the scene.


Events Crew


Responsible for organizing and planning Kansas City Black Restaurant Week events. Assist and coordinate event day logistics such as set up, registration, and tear down. Ensures the accuracy of guest lists, invitations, programs and other printed event materials. Initiates the search for event entertainment and vendors. Membership drives for the Black Chamber of Commerce will be part of the events crews responsibilities.



FoodTasktics™ Ambassador Team Requirements


  • Passionate about food
  • Promote KC Black Restaurant Week events on personal social media accounts.
  • Assist KC Black Restaurant Week Committee with Event day operations
  • Available to attend KC Black Restaurant Week Events.
  • Attentive to detail
  • Be responsible, high energy, outgoing and reliable
  • Team Player
  • A strong writer, communicator, and community-builder
  • Be at least 21 years old


“…at the heart of this plan is collaboration.  To be successful, the plan will require collaboration [that] must all be willing to think outside of political boundaries and printed guidelines…”


- Missouri’s Cultural Tourism Plan Excerpt … 1998


Black Restaurant Weeks provides a perfect opportunity for collaboration that will engage  corporate, small business, city, state and federal dollars to achieve economic development goals for all citizens.


Celebrating KC Black Restaurant Week is an excellent collaboration between:


Corporate partners who demonstrate a strong presence within the African American communities:

There continues to be targeted effort to “buy black” or support those who display compassionate, relatable advertising to ethnic consumers.  Although this is not new information, technology has enabled businesses to access consumers with lightning speed and those corporations who are beginning to rely more on social media platforms, can benefit greatly from a message that cuts through the “blur” of reaching this specialty market’s needs and wants.


Local Media and Social media platforms, campaigns with an emphasis on attracting ethnic an international markets:

Black Restaurant Week is an excellent entrée (pun intended!) into attracting international consumers when coupled with historic festivals such as Juneteenth and Black Music Month (June).  Plans to incorporate jazz, blues, and other forms of black music opens the doors to a unique approach collaborating with local and state entities of tourism development.



Sponsored by the Creative Cities KC, Inc.

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or Email goodeats@kcblackrestaurantweek.com